Good day and welcome in Palladium complex !

We present you residential and office complex "PALLADIUM" ,located in one of the most ecologically pure quarters of Sofia, Ovcha Kupel (the old part) at the foot of the mountain Vitosha.
The Company AZPO Ltd is an international investment company, whose activity is focused on investments in construction of modern residential and office buildings.

The company has highly professional team of young, energetic, well-educated and intelligent people guided by three basic principles:
  • honesty and correctness in relationships with clients and partners
  • maximum security and transparency in deals, individual approach to each client according to his possibilities
  • striving for perfection at each stage

In our overall work we endeavour to reach perfection by making each detail of the buildings with care and love for the beauty.
Our priorities are:
  • Stability;
  • Prompt and accurate implementation of investment projects;
  • High quality of performance with modern high quality materials;
  • Partnership with the proven professionals in the field;
  • Construction of buildings of unique design and functionality;
  • Providing cozy and comfort life of our clients.

Properties in Palladium complex

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Location of residential Palladium.